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Monitoring the Wallet

The monitoring mechanisms for the Wallet Server are identical to the Authorization Server. The types of monitoring and logging mechanisms available and the alert levels are all the same. Refer to the Monitoring the Authorization Server chapter for details.

The primary difference between the two components lies in the log outputs. The Wallet Server has its own unique set of Error Codes and associated alert levels. These are unique from the Authorization Server.

Wallet Server Exception Types

The following table lists the different Exception Type messages that are part of the Wallet Server log output along with the alert severity levels:

Alert LevelError CodeDescription
330600"Wallet Account does not have authenticator of type IDP."
230710"Authorization server account was not found."
230711"AuthorizationServerAccount for AuthorizationServer {0} was not found."
330720"Unable to create Authorization Server Account at the AS/wallet."
230810"AuthorizationServer with id {0} was not found."
230811"AuthorizationServer was not found for the client."
330900"Unable to revoke permissions at AS"
340000"Unable to complete transaction at the AS/Wallet."
240500"No claim for the transaction id {0}."
240520"Not claimed"
140521"Session do not match"
240530"Found claim is already used."
240540"Permission code/Authorization code is expired"
240550"Access token has expired"
240541"Permission code {0} is invalid"
240600"INVALID DataSourceAccount Id {0}."
240610"datasource account is registered to another wallet account."
340611"datasource account is disabled."
240620"Nickname is already present in DataSourceAccount with Id {0} ."
340700"Unable to create Resource Tokens at the RS/Wallet."
240800"Data source was not found."
240800"Data source was not found for OAuth provider {0}."
240810"Invalid DataSourceType provided."
240900"EnrolledClient with identifier {0} was not found."
240100"EnrolledIDP for AuthorizationServer {0} was not found."
240101"EnrolledIDP with identifier {0} for AuthorizationServer {1} was not found."
240110"EnrolledIDP with identifier {0} not found."
240200"EnrolledRs for AuthorizationServer {0} was not found."
240210"EnrolledRs with identifier {0} for AuthorizationServer {1} was not found."
240300"IdpAuthenticator was not found {0}."
240310"Query param provided should be of format key=value
240400"Organization was not found."
350100"No access to a permission with this id"
350101"Session Expired"
350110"The Resource and the Client are enrolled at different authorization servers"
350120"The Resource {0} cannot contain the granted scope {1}"
250200"ResourceDefinition with identifier {0} was not found."
350210"Resource definition {0} with scope value {1} not found."
250300"Scope {0} not found."
250400"rs_resource with ID {0} not registered"
350410"Resource {0} with scope value {1} not found."
350500"Unable to create URI."
350600"Resource Owner Token for datasourceaccount with ID {0} is null"
350601"Resource Owner Token for datasourceaccount with ID {0} is expired or not found"
350610"The resource owner token from a datasource is malformed or in an unrecognized format."
250700"UMA Ticket for transactionId {0} was not found."
350710"Unable to parse ticket response."
350710"Unable to parse verified sources."
350720"Unable to parse verified sources metadata."
250800"Invalid user code {0}"
350860"User code/QR code {0} is expired"
250810"Device code {0} is invalid or not verified"
250820"Invalid device scope provided: {0}."
250830"Device Code {0} not found or disabled."
350840"Device Access Token cannot be created"
250850"Device access token {0} not found or disabled."
350900"Unable to start session due to invalid wallet Account"
250910"Session {0} not found or disabled."
260000"Client information not found"
360010"The data could not be signed due to an invalid secret."
360011"The data could not be signed due to an error: {0}"
260100"local encryption/decryption of private key failed"
360200"Unable to parse did document."
360201"Unable to convert DID document as JSON."
360202"Unable to create EC public key."
260203"Unable to authenticate to wallet using JWT: {0}."
260204"Unable to find DID document for key id {0}."
260205"DID document is invalid: {0}."
160206"Invalid login token request: {0}."
160301"Callback state value is empty or null"
370000"An internal server error occurred."
370000"An error occurred in the user-facing endpoint."
270000"Bad request."
270100"Permission code is not provided"
270200"Transaction is expired"
270300"Transaction locked: Too many incorrect codes were submitted for this transaction"
270400"Request denied by user"
270410"Request cancelled"
270500"Invalid grant type {0}."
370700"Failed HTTP call to the other service."
370800"The given parameters were invalid."
370900"Pending auth redirect URI is invalid."
271000"Pending auth redirect was not found."
271200"Delegate connection was not found."
271300"Delegate connection partner was not found."
271400"Delegated resource was not found."
271500"Delegate resource allowed client was not found."
271600"Delegate resource allowed client scope was not found."
272000"Delegate resource owner token was not found."
273000"User is not a partner in the connection."
274000"Could not resolve data source account."
274000"The data source account {0} may not be used with resource {1}"
274001"Request cannot be completed due to missing info"