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Authorization Server

The IDENTOS FPX Authorization Server is the primary component of the FPX ecosystem. The Authorization Server has the ability to be white-labeled and serves as the main hub for receiving and routing client requests for resources. This application operates primarily as a backend component with some optional front-end user experience. It is used to accomplish the following high-level tasks:

  • Provide an ecosystem configuration registry - e.g. defining and configuring the other parties in the FPX ecosystem.
  • Provide the integration point for a service provider. It receives the authorization request from the service and helps the user route it to their Wallet.
  • Serves as the main token issuer to the services. These tokens are trusted by the Resource Server and allow the service to use the user-authorized resources.
  • Provide a pseudo-anonymous record of permissions and revocations. User Wallets are able to register many user accounts and permissions resulting in access tokens to be issued to service providers.

There are multiple steps involved in setting up and configuring an Authorization Server to receive and re-route requests from clients. This section of the guide will first illustrate the installation of an Authorization Server followed by the various configuration and integration points that are necessary for it to perform its core tasks. Jump to any of the following chapter for more details: