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Using this Guide

This user guide addresses all core and supporting components of the Federated Privacy Exchange (FPX) ecosystem. Here's an overview of what each section entails:

  1. FPX Overview - Provides users with a foundational knowledge of the FPX ecosystem, including a glance into the various components involved and user journeys.
  2. FPX Components - A deep dive into each individual FPX component - The Authorization Server, the FPX Wallet and the Resource Server Adapter. Each of these sections will have chapters related to the hardware/software requirements for these components, the deployment steps, followed by the configuration steps along with the required API calls and a detailed description of all parameters. Examples in the form of sample code blocks are provided wherever necessary and relevant. In addition, all extended configurations for modules/features that may or may not be a part of one's core setup are nested under the most relevant component.
  3. Glossary - An alphabetically sorted list of all key terms associated with FPX.
  4. FPX 101 - An FAQs section addressing common questions related to the FPX product suite.