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The FPX product suite consists of several separate but interrelated components. There are several steps that need to be executed sequentially in order for the full solution to function as expected. This section lists key steps involved in setting up your FPX ecosystem during a first-time installation. It also acts as a guide for you to quickly navigate through the user guides.


The steps below list the key action items involved in the basic deployment and configuration of FPX and do not take into account future version upgrades or usability aspects post-deployment.

  1. Check and confirm server requirements

  2. Deploying the Authorization Server using HELM Charts

  1. Configuring the Authorization Server

  2. Deploying the Resource Server Adapter

  3. Configuring the Resource Server Adapter (Use either of the following Adapter options)

  4. Deploying FPX Wallet

  5. Configuring the Wallet Server

  1. Configuring the Wallet Web UI

  2. Setting up Logging and Monitoring for FPX Authorization Server

  3. Setting up Logging and Monitoring for FPX Wallet