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Monitoring the Wallet

The monitoring mechanisms for the Wallet Server are identical to the Authorization Server. The types of monitoring (incl. Application health checks via Spring Actuator), logging mechanisms, and the alert levels are all the same. Refer to the Monitoring the Authorization Server chapter for details.

The primary difference between the two components lies in the log outputs. The Wallet Server has its own unique set of Error Codes and associated alert levels. These are unique from the Authorization Server.

Wallet Server Exception Types

The following tables list the different Exception Type messages that are part of the Wallet Server log output along with the alert severity levels:

Alert LevelLookup CodeMessage
202.001.001"IdpAuthenticator with ID [{0}] was not found."
302.001.002"Wallet Account does not have authenticator of type IDP."
302.001.003"Unable to parse verified sources metadata."
202.001.004"Unable to authenticate to wallet using JWT Authentication: {0}."
202.002.001"AuthorizationServerAccount for Wallet Account with ID [{0}] was not found."
302.002.002"AuthorizationServer with ID [{0}] was not found."
302.002.003"AuthorizationServer was not found for OAuth Client with ID [{0}]."
302.002.004"Unable to revoke permissions at AS"
302.002.005"Unable to complete transaction at the AS/Wallet."
202.003.001"No claim for the transaction id [{0}]."
202.003.003"This Incoming Claims Request has not yet been claimed"
102.003.004"Wallet Session of the request is not the same as the Wallet Session that claimed this Incoming Claims Request"
202.003.005"Incoming Claims Request was found, but was already used."
202.003.006"Permission code/Authorization code is expired"
202.003.007"Permission code [{0}] is invalid"
202.003.008"Transaction locked: Too many incorrect codes were submitted for this transaction"
202.003.009"Request denied by user"
202.004.001"Could not find a DataSourceAccount with ID [{0}]."
202.004.002"Wallet Account with ID [{0}] has no associated DataSourceAccounts."
202.004.003"Datasource account is registered to another wallet account."
202.004.004"Datasource account with ID [{0}] is disabled."
202.004.005"Cannot rename datasource account nickname to [{0}] as it already exists."
302.004.006"Unable to create Resource Tokens at the RS/Wallet."
202.004.007"Data source with ID [{0}] was not found."
202.004.008"Data source was not found for OAuth provider [{0}]."
202.004.009"Invalid DataSourceType provided."
202.004.010"The Data Source ID [{0}] is not valid. This value must be an integer."
202.005.001"EnrolledClient with identifier [{0}] was not found."
202.005.002"EnrolledRs for AuthorizationServer with ID [{0}] was not found."
202.005.003"EnrolledRs with identifier [{0}] for AuthorizationServer [{1}] was not found."
202.006.001"Organization with ID [{0}] was not found."
302.007.001"Unable to delete user account. {0}"
302.008.001"No access to a permission with ID [{0}]"
302.008.002"The Resource and the Client are enrolled at different authorization servers"
302.008.003"The Resource [{0}] cannot contain the granted scope [{1}]"
202.009.001"ResourceDefinition with identifier [{0}] was not found."
202.009.002"Resource Definition with ID [{0}] does not have a [{1}] scope"
202.010.001"Scope [{0}] not found."
202.011.001"rs_resource with ID [{0}] not registered"
202.011.002"RS Resource with ID [{0}] does not have a [{1}] scope."
302.012.001"Unable to create URI."
302.013.001"Resource Owner Token for datasourceaccount with ID [{0}] is expired or not found"
302.014.001"The resource owner token from a datasource is malformed or in an unrecognized format."
302.015.001"Unable to get an UMA ticket from the Authorization Server"
202.015.002"UMA Ticket for transactionId [{0}] was not found."
302.015.003"Unable to parse UMA ticket response."
302.016.001"Unable to parse verified sources."
202.017.001"Invalid user code [{0}]"
302.017.002"User code/QR code [{0}] is expired"
202.017.003"Device code [{0}] is invalid or not verified"
202.017.004"Invalid device scope provided: {0}."
202.017.005"Device Code [{0}] not found or disabled."
302.017.006"Device Access Token cannot be created"
202.017.007"Device access token [{0}] not found or disabled."
202.018.001"Unable to start session due to invalid wallet account."
202.018.002"Session [{0}] not found or disabled."
202.019.001"User Client Info could not be created."
302.020.001"The data could not be signed due to an invalid secret."
302.020.002"The data could not be signed due to an error: {0}"
202.021.001"local encryption/decryption of private key failed"
302.022.001"Unable to parse did document."
302.022.002"Unable to convert DID document as JSON."
202.022.003"Unable to create EC public key."
202.022.004"DID document is invalid: {0}."
202.022.005"Unable to find DID document for key ID [{0}]."
102.023.001"Invalid login token request: {0}"
302.023.002"An internal server error occurred."
102.023.003"Callback state value is empty or null"
202.023.004"Permission code is not provided"
202.023.005"Transaction is expired"
202.023.006"Request cancelled"
102.023.007"Invalid grant type [{0}]."
202.023.008"Unsupported grant type [{0}]."
002.023.009"Device Code is expired"
102.024.001"The given parameters were invalid: {0}"
202.025.001"Pending auth redirect was not found."
202.026.001"Delegate connection invitation was not found"
202.026.002"Delegate connection invitation has expired or was revoked by the creator"
202.026.003"Delegate connection invitation has already been accepted, and is awaiting confirmation from the inviter. The invitation cannot be accepted twice."
202.026.004"Delegate connection invitation has already been denied, and therefore can no longer be accepted or confirmed"
202.026.005"Delegate connection invitation has already been confirmed, and therefore can no longer be confirmed."
202.026.006"Delegate connection invitation cannot be accepted by the same wallet account that created it"
202.026.007"Delegate wallet account is not valid. Only the wallet account that created the invitation may confirm its acceptance."
202.026.008"Delegate access not found"
202.026.009"Delegate access was not delegated to this wallet account"
202.026.010"Delegate access has expired or was revoked by the owner"
202.026.011"Enrolled client with ID [{0}] not allowed to use delegate access"
202.026.012"Resource has been restricted from being delegated to client"
202.026.013"Delegate connection has expired or was revoked by the creator"
202.026.014"Wallet account with ID [{0}] does not exist"
202.026.015"State parameter value in the request is invalid. {0}"
202.026.016"Filter parameter value in the request is invalid. {0}"
202.026.017"Delegate connection was not found."
202.026.018"Delegate connection partner was not found."
202.026.019"Delegated resource was not found."
202.026.020"Delegate resource allowed client was not found."
202.026.021"Delegate resource allowed client scope was not found."
202.026.022"Delegate resource owner token was not found."
202.026.023"Delegate connection invitation has not been accepted yet by the receiver"
102.027.001"Data Source Type path variable in the request is invalid. {0}"
102.027.002"Page Type query parameter value in the request is invalid. {0}"
202.028.001"Page Type query parameter value in the request is invalid. {0}"
202.028.101"Stakeholder with id [{0}] not found."
302.028.200"Connection with ID [{0}] does not exist"
302.028.900"Wallet account does not have credentials to access verifiable credentials."
302.028.210"Object [{0}] was not found at the remote service"
202.028.211"A bad request was issued to the remote service at: [{0}]"
302.028.220"An error occurred at the remote service at: [{0}]. Please contact your administrator."
102.028.910"Credential offer with the id [{0}] does not exist."
102.028.911"Credential offer with the id [{0}] has already been accepted or declined."
102.028.810"Credential with the id [{0}] does not exist."
102.028.811"Credential with the thread id [{0}] does not exist."
102.028.920"Credentials Exists but are not registered in your wallet, please contact your administrator"
302.028.917"Credential offer is in an unexpected state. Please contact an administrator."
102.028.820"Presentation Exchange with the id [{0}] does not exist."
102.028.912"The transaction state provided in the request is invalid. {0}"
302.028.913"Proof Request offer with the id [{0}] does not belong to this wallet user"
302.028.914"Proof Request offer with the id [{0}] does not exist."
302.028.915"Proof Request offer with the id [{0}] has already been accepted, declined or abandoned"
102.028.921"No valid Credential to respond to proof request with ID [{0}]"
102.029.001"There are no records of revocation for the credential with the id [{0}]."
102.030.001"The provided redirect_uri hint [{0}] did not match with the configured redirect URI."
302.031.001"Localization not resolved: "
202.000.001"Internal server error occurred"

OAuth2 Exceptions

Alert LevelLookup CodeMessage

Identity and Access Management Exceptions

Alert LevelLookup CodeMessage
210.001.001"Could not find a Pending Auth Request with ID [{0}]"
310.001.002"Failed to retrieve identity provider information."
310.001.003"Failed to register at oauth provider. {0}"
210.001.004"No valid authentication request."
210.001.005"OpenIdAccount not found for SessionKey [{0}]."
210.001.006"Access Token [{0}] not found or disabled."
210.001.007"Invalid session key [{0}]"
210.001.008"Invalid bearer token."
310.001.009"The provided ID Token was invalid for this reason: {0}"
210.001.010"The provided jwt was not signed"
310.001.011"Failed to obtain the JWK Set."
310.001.012"Failed to retrieve the tokens."
310.001.013"Failed to retrieve OIDC User Info."
110.001.014"OAuth Client with ID [{0}] not registered"
210.001.015"Redirect URI [{0}] is invalid for OAuth Client with ID [{1}]"
110.001.016"Invalid client secret [{0}]"
110.001.017"Invalid ticket ID [{0}]"
210.001.018"Invalid transaction or request ID [{0}]"
210.001.019"The client credentials were not valid"
210.001.020"Request is already closed"
110.001.021"Invalid request id or client"
110.001.022"Invalid params for OIDC request"
110.001.023"The ID [{0}] provided is not valid. This value must be an integer."
210.001.024"Ticket [{0}] not found"
210.001.025"The claim [{0}] could not be parsed."
210.001.026"001.026", "The subject [{0}] is invalid."
210.001.027"A related account with sub [{0}] was not found"

JWT Exceptions

Alert LevelLookup CodeMessage
307.001.001"unable to load jwks from url"
307.001.002"provided jwt is invalid"
307.001.003"JWT could not be parsed"
307.001.004"JWT signature is invalid"
307.001.005"Issuer does not match JWT."
307.001.006"JWT could not be signed"
307.001.007"provided JWT was not signed"
307.001.008"idtoken did not validate"

Framework and HTTP Exceptions

Alert LevelLookup CodeException NameExample Message
100.000.001Authentication Exception"Access denied - unauthenticated"
100.000.002Access Denied Exception"Access denied - unauthorized"
100.000.003HTTP Request Method Not Supported"HTTP method not supported. Check the 'Allow' response header to see supported methods."
100.000.004Missing Servlet Request Parameter"Required request parameter 'request_param_1' for method parameter type int is not present"
100.000.005Request Rejected"The request was rejected because the URL contained a potentially malicious String \"//\""
100.000.006No Handler Found"Not found - no handler for GET /non-existent-path"
100.000.007HTTP Message Not Readable"HTTP message could not be read: if this is a POST request, check that you included a request body."
100.000.008HTTP Media Type Not Supported"Content type 'text/html' not supported"
100.000.009Method Argument Type Mismatch"Invalid boolean value [not-a-boolean]"
100.000.010Binding Error"Binding error: see the error_list for details"
100.000.010Constraint Violation"Constraint violation: [request_arg must not be blank, request_arg size must be between 2 and 3]"