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Resource Definitions

Scope and Audience

This section is meant for an administrator of an FPX network and covers how to register a new Resource Definition or update an existing one in an FPX environment through the Admin API.

Required Reference

The reader of this document should be familiar with the architecture and terminology associated with the FPX specification. This specification extends the UMA 2.0 specification by enabling privacy preservation and governable network actors.

If you are unfamiliar with Resource Definitions or Scopes, refer to the Glossary and the Partners section of the guide for more information before trying to add a resource definition.


Resource Definitions represent generic resource types which may be protected by an FPX network. Examples may be FHIR resources, standard banking APIs, or something as simple as a home address.

Each Resource Definition will have a unique Type, which is a URL that defines the specification for the format of this resource as well as how to use it. Resource Servers can offer a concrete version of a Resource Definition by registering a Resource against that Resource Type.
Resource Definitions must have a set of Scopes that may be allowed by Resource Servers and requested by Clients. If a scope does not exist on a Resource Definition, Clients may not request that scope through the FPX network.

Configuring Resource Definitions and Scopes

Resource Definition and Scope configuration at the Authorization Server can be done directly through the API.